Customer conversations are important.
We make them more actionable.

Contactive leverages big data to provide in-depth customer profiles in real-time before and during calls. Our algorithm indexes and consolidates billions of data points to instantly bring you the information you need when it matters most.

Sell more

Personalize the way you engage
customers, based on contract
values, close dates, or social
media info.

Do more

Automatically log calls, edit
opportunities, and append notes
right from your mobile device or

See more

Get more accurate deal
data and new insights to
drive revenue and improve forecasting.

How it works

Contactive connects securely with your existing phone, calendar, email, CRM, ERP systems and 100+ other data sources such as LinkedIn or Facebook to enhance your sales process from start to finish.

Before the conversation

Get an actionable view of your customer with real-time enterprise and social data.

During the conversation

Access previous and relevant insights when and where you need it most.

After the conversation

Automatically log calls, add notes, and edit the lead, contact, or opportunity status.

Enterprise security
A secure information architecture and 256 bit encryption standards keep your data safe.
High scalability
Designed to support the needs of large organizations and high-transaction databases.
No data silos
Contactive aggregates, structures, and learns about your customers from a multitude of data sources.
No IT needed
No changes to your phone system. Just download the app.
Multi-screen support
Supports mobile devices, tablets, fixed lines, PBXs, desktops, and Unified Communications solutions.
Easy customizations
Customize the fields, data sources, and associated workflows.
"Contactive connects the dots between the phone, the calendar, LinkedIn and Salesforce. It makes selling easy, and updating my CRM painless."
Amy Steil
Sales Executive
"The phone channel is the most important communication channel for our customers. Contactive helps us optimize it."
Theodore Decker
Sales Operations
"I love tools like Contactive that solve real, everyday problems such as sales performance and CRM adoption."
Lee Major
Sales Leader
"Contactive is a new kind of Caller ID. From a technical perspective, this is no small feat."
"Within milliseconds, Contactive executes hundreds of searches and applies machine learning to present users with a valuable, elegant touchpoint."
"Sales reps saw productivity increased by 15% when they had access to CRM data."

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