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Real-time data on every caller
Who is this?
Should I pick up?
Anything I need to know?
How can I add notes after the call?
Your CRM data
+ Our 600 million profiles indexed from 100 sources
Quick and easy set up
Install Klink
Create account & authenticate
Experience your next call
Before you pick up
Get full information on who is calling you
on your telephone, tablet & desktop, even
if the caller is not in your address book.
Leverage your customer data plus 100
other sources such as social networks and
During the call
Have previous notes and relevant insights
on your customers right at your fingertips.
Access the right data when you need it,
where you need it.
After the call
Automatically update your CRM system
with detailed information after each
customer interaction. Easily add text and
voice notes, then quickly add or edit
opportunities right from your device.
Always have the most complete records of
your calls.
No IT Needed
No changes to your phone systems.
Just download the app
Sell more
Never miss red flags like customer
renewals dates, opportunity sizes,
tidbits of your customers or info of
latest conversations
Serious security
Our platform is built with best
practice encryption standards in
order to protect your sensitive data
Optimized for mobile
Supporting mobile devices, fixed
lines, PBXs, and screen pops
Never miss info
Auto annotate in your CRM

Get complete profiles
Our big data platform, aggregates
and structures identity data from
multiple sources
Set up in minutes
Download the app and authenticate
with your account
Get the right data
without effort
Without having to open a new app
and search for contact info. Stop
having to open multiple tabs and apps
Your data is yours
Klink separates personal and
enterprise data from the rest of
Both incoming and
outgoing calls
Make sure you always have the right
information in front of you
"Inbound calls are the best source of qualified leads for our company's sales pipeline, and Klink can help me optimize this channel"
Theodore Decker
Sales Representative
Engineering & Construction
"Klink is always there when you need it and never bothers you when you don't"
Amy Steil
Product Manager
Technology & software
"I love the actually USEFUL information it provides. Integration with my calendar and salesforce data makes it so easy. I love productivity tools that solve real, everyday problems"
Lee Major
Real Estate
"No more unknown phone calls!!! Love it!!! Don't have to waste my time with calls from companies or people I don't care about! :)!"
Samantha Young
Director of Mobile
Tech start-up
"Klink acts as a new kind of caller id"
"Klink redifines caller ID"
"Klink is like a cheat sheet for incoming calls"
"Sales reps saw productivity increased by 15% when they had access to CRM data"
Business Insider
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